Get Support

If you're not sure what to do or where to turn, a good starting point is talking with the Consultant on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response. You can talk with Hagar about what happened to you. She'll listen and, when you’re ready, she’ll also give you information about what your options are, how you can find more support and what next steps you might consider taking.

With your consent, the Consultant on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response can help you with:

  • Safety planning
  • Arranging workplace or academic accommodations
  • Understanding reporting options available to you
  • Navigating university processes or other legal systems
  • Managing the flow of information between departments and offices
  • Referrals to campus or community counselling, advocacy and medical services

Commitment to Survivors

Sexual violence can have negative and different impacts on a survivor's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health and wellbeing. McMaster University recognizes the possible traumatic effects of violence and is committed to providing appropriate and respectful emotional support and information about options available to survivors. Survivors can expect to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect;
  • Be provided with non-judgemental and empathic support;
  • Be provided with timely safety planning assistance;
  • Be informed about on and off-campus support services and resources available to them;
  • Receive survivor-driven information, supports and services appropriate to their social identities including race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, faith, disability, Indigeneity;
  • Be provided academic and work accommodations as appropriate;
  • Determine whether and to whom they wish to report an incident of sexual violence;
  • Determine whether to pursue criminal or non-criminal reporting options;
  • Have reasonable and necessary actions taken to prevent further unwanted contact with the alleged offender(s).

McMaster University is committed to providing survivor-driven supports and information and to ensuring, wherever possible, that the survivor retains control of the processes referenced above. Survivors are encouraged to contact the Consultant on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response (905.525.9140 x 20909 or to discuss the range of options available to them following an incident of sexual violence.

Not sure where to turn? 

Hagar Akua Prah
Consultant on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
(905) 525-9140 Ext. 20909
Reception - Room 104
University Hall

Confidentiality Statement

Your Rights to Confidentiality

If you're making a disclosure of sexual, intimate or family violence you are entitled to be informed before disclosing about the level of confidentiality you can expect from the person to whom you are disclosing.